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02 February 2013 @ 18:59

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15 January 2013 @ 16:47
Regarding issues that popped up over on Tumblr in the JackRabbit tag, where some haters were bashing and bothering people, and were eventually harassed off Tumblr. Talking to a friend on FF who said something along the lines of how disconcerting and annoying trollers are because all they do is upset people for loving something.

And as such I replied with this:

Trollers are usually people who want to express their opinion because they can't stand ours.

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04 November 2012 @ 15:52
Sooooooooooo...this movie ain't coming out in the US for 3 more weeks, and I don't even dare finding out when it'll come out in Malaysia (I might cry) and ALREADY I'm obsessing over it. It's ridiculous. Why is this my life, why can't I be a normal teenager who goes partying or hanging with friends (#foreveralone) or studies or travels or at the very least does something productive with her life?

Beeeecause this is way more fun. :DDD
Warning: Image-heavy (large images, too, all out of proportion with this beautiful but damn annoying layout) and a video under cut. Also, some mini-rants. Click at your own risk.

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I think the only thing I'm worried about now is that my expectations will exceed how good the movie turns out. The disappointment will kill me inside, I swear.
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26 January 2012 @ 19:22
This is the saddest thing in the movie 'Iron Giant' (1999). The memories all come rushing back. I loved that movie ;___;

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06 November 2011 @ 00:50
Posted for archiving purposes. Article was copied off the LATimes Blog. Original articles: LATimes Blog, The New York Times, and MailTimesOnline.

Your Morning Adorable, Penguins In Love

Parental Penguins

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03 November 2011 @ 14:23
Ah, a dear friend of mine asked something very intriguing and thoughtful considering my last post about choice and homo/bisexuality. Basically the question was, since the argument was more from a bisexual's view, what about the straight(snicker)-out homosexuals? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, that was a tweet, but my reply went overboard. I'm sorry, sweetie. T___T

This is what I replied.

@Jagi_saurus a choice is always hard to make, when the options are both important. For a straight-out homosexual, it's definitely a lot harder. I was luckier than most people, for one I didn't have the problem of being biased against homosexuals in the first place since I was raised fairly open-minded or at least, not scared of things I don't understand. So my coming out was easy. Also, I love boys too much to give up on them, hence my bisexuality XDDD Anyway, what I mean is, the choice is made easier for me because at least I still have a chance at true love or something like that. A straight out homosexual doesn't.

But the argument still remains the same. It's just a matter of choosing what is more important to you. For me, I actually didn't even think about the fact that I could still fall back on boys--I might as well have been lesbian while I was writing that post ^^;; The main point of my argument is why you're making a choice at all. For some people, they can't bear to give up their religion, like me. For others, they can't bear to be homosexual. That's why they have to think over which of the two, if it's that situation that is (because the NaNo post was about religious homophobia, hence the religious notes), would make them happier in the long run, and then choose.

So, yes, it's hard. But like I said, the concept is the same. If homosexuals think they'll be happier embracing themselves, then they should definitely go for it. If they think they want to comply with their religion and, for lack of a kinder phrase, stop their supposed 'sin', then they should do that. In the end, it's entirely a matter of what they believe. The people who stopped being friends with me because they couldn't accept my decision believed that one's own happiness is the ultimate thing we need to achieve in life.

It's not that I don't agree. Happiness is definitely something to be achieved, but I believe a little differently. In my religion, it's said that things that are forbidden in life will be allowed in the afterlife. It's not 100% confirmed, but then again, if it's the afterlife, then there wouldn't be much need for rules, would there? Anyway, it's believed that happiness in this life will be secondary to the happiness that we'll experience in the afterlife, which is why I can sacrifice this one thing that could make me very happy, for the sake of eternal happiness for when I die.

Cutting it a little too close to a religious rant, my point is still the choice of which is more important. In the end, whatever you choose should be the one that make you happiest, and that applies to whoever it is, whether bisexual or homosexual or even trans. If you're not happy after making your choice, then probably you made the wrong one. It's really up to the person making the decision to fully understand themselves and figure out what they believe. Only then will they be able to make the right choice.

Ah...I ranted again. Sorry, Eevie-bb. <<;;
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I was touring the NaNoWriMo forums and stumbled upon a topic where the OP asked to describe how a religious homophobic person would act. One reply, the very first even, was composed of a less-than intelligent attempt (imo, though, I'm biased I'll admit) at pretending to be non-homophobic by being offended by how people tend to group those who don't accept homosexuality into the stereotype (radical crazies who'll rant on and on about how you're gonna destroy humankind and that you'll rot in hell), and yet stating quite obviously that he doesn't accept homosexuality at all.

Naturally, it evolved into a brilliant debate where intelligent gay people/supporters of gay people refute nearly every single word with amazing arguments that beat to death every single point the first replier laid on the table. <3

ze link to crazy long essay on choosing what you want to do based on what makes you happiestCollapse )

I didn't realise it was a ridiculously long essay until I'd submitted it in the forum. DDD:

Yes, that icon is used on purpose.
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14 November 2010 @ 00:00

This journal isn't really going to have anything, I just made it because my old journal was deleted (dad, how could you T__T) and my newly-made comm at the time, my priiiiide, was left abandoned so I took it back up with this new username. So, I don't really like to blog, therefore this journal is most likely going to be left empty. ._. Except for maybe when I have new fics to post up, so I'll post them here, too, as back-up for my AO3 back-up. Later. When I'm feeling not so lazy <<;;

My current fanfiction posted is only of SHINee, but hopefully in the future I'll add more to that list of fandoms. The comm is listed on Links. ----------->

Anyway, no need to add this LJ for fics, it's not much use other than a figurehead and allowing me to travel through beloved LJ. <333 I'm pretty active so you can add me if you want to be friends^^

<3 JC
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